Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Very Hot Pencil Is Down.
(by Sera)

So as of 12:01 Monday I am, for the first time in my life, on strike. Which is weird. Is it good? Is it bad? It's good if it works. It's probably going to be difficult in the short term. If it doesn't wrap up right quick, it's gonna play hell on the Hannukah shopping season in Los Angeles. Bad, for sure, for that post on dreaming that's been pending for over a month now (I'LL GET TO IT!). I suppose the best question is: necessary?

A: Yes.

More on that... probably not here, because I am not a Very Hot New Media Expert Jew. There are better places to go if you want to plunge into the heated debate. For instance:

The Writer's Guild, Nikki Finke, Defamer, The WGA Strike Captain Blog.

Many, many Smokin' Fierce Jews and Gentiles will be picketing. You will see them on the news. You may think we writers are passionate and righteous; you may think we are spoiled, overpaid, and by and large pasty. You may think movies and episodes of television spring fully formed from the lucious mouths of your favorite actors, and have never really thought about s0-called "writers" at all. Think what you will, I am all for this strike. It's necessary at this point, because the contract we were offered was somewhat like being told to turn around, touch our toes, and perform a certain famously uncomfortable sex act, without the benefit of lubrication.

I missed the first day of school on the strike line. The weeks leading up to the expiration of our contract was a harried sprint on all fronts (including a front or two that exposed me to whatever virus is goin' round), and now I'm paying the price in sheer physical exhaustion. But my comrades are there, and so I shall join them. Though probably not wearing a red shirt, since they flash me back to my unhappy past life in Communist China.

I may or may not blog more about le strike here at Very Hot Headquarters. Just because I'm fighting for a cause doesn't mean I'm any more reliable than I used to be. But the silver lining for our blindingly sexy readers is, Simon and I don't get paid a bum nickel to write this stuff, so I can keep doing it while still striking against the conglomerates. We do it for love, we do it for fun, we do it because there's shit we really should be doing and we take procrastinatory activities where we can find 'em. So I thought, hey, check in, say yo to the readers, and tell you I'm alive and well and ready to stick it to The Man.

Till then, I leave you with two pieces of good news.

1. You can get the new Radiohead album online for as little as 46 pence , because they too are grooving on the sticking of It to The Man. So they released the album themselves, and - I dunno why, but I like to think it's to prove to all the player haters that they didn't just do it to be greedy - they let YOU pick how much you pay for it. And... it is beautiful. It is the kind of album that makes you think of staying up all night with someone you just met, talking and talking and falling more and more in love. So, go experience the wonders of new media in the hands of the creative at their website.

2. Mojo spent Halloween trick-or-treating with my goddaughter. (I wasn't there, 'cause of the aforementioned work sprint.) My mom emailed me to ask for my permission to... put clothes on my dog. Which I am against as a rule; I feel dogs should be given their dignity. But since it was only a costume, I decided it didn't count. So, the upshot is... photos of Mojo dressed as the devil. Gaze upon the sheer hilarity every time your morale wanes.

Mojo says you're welcome.


ronia said...

Re: the Radiohead album: I grabbed that earlier this month, and I have to agree. It is an awesome idea and I love the album. It's very different from their other albums, although I should admit I haven't listened to them as obsessively as I used to in college while working at the library in the wee hours of the night.

Cute Halloween picture. I need to get pictures of my werewolf off my camera. That is my biggest flaw these days. Tons of digital pictures just sitting on the memory card.


Amanda said...

Hey Sera! First time reader of your blog, and not even remotely Jewish, but I did want to stop by and give my support of you and all writers in your efforts to reach fair compensation for your art. You deserve what you're fighting for, so persevere as long as necessary to get it, your Supernatural fans are here to back you up.

Oh, and don't worry, your dog won't be scarred for life. My dog had the misfortune of going as a 'flying monkey' to accompany my Wicked Witch last year...he seems to be okay.

Amanda Henderson

Kimberly said...

Just wanted to say that I hope you are feeling better soon and that this strike makes people more aware of how writers are being treated. Everyone has the right to a decent living, so as much as I hope it does not last too long, I also hope that good things happen for the writers from this. Stay strong - your fans are pulling for you.


Simon Glickman and Sera Gamble said...

Thank you guys for your kind words.

Mousitsa said...

Sera, I have followed your work, interviews and comments in conjunction to Supernatural for a long time now. I've read your blog, but haven’t commented before. Although it absolutely KILLS me to think we will be left hanging in mid-season with SN (I am thoroughly addicted and the withdrawals are not pretty!), I am fully in support of the efforts of the union on behalf of all writers. Bottom line, without writers there would be no shows. You are truly the unsung heroes. And even though I’m sure you are currently being paid well enough, it is very reasonable that you continue to be treated fairly in terms of other compensation for your work and creativity, especially in view of developing technologies. I sincerely hope this is resolved quickly and fairly.

But in the meantime, perhaps this is an excellent opportunity -- now that you’ve got some time on your hands -- to chat with you, get to know you better (you sadistic, twisted little genius!), and participate in some discussions and mutual ranting with you -- like my disagreement with you about your stance on spoilers ;)

I sincerely thank you for all that you have offered to one of the best shows on television! Rest assured that the fans are fighting hard for it, even if the network can't fully recognize the gem it has. ~ Anna ~

Spadada said...

I brought some fruit to the picket lines outside Warner today. Didn't see you, but I left word with the guy at the food table and anyone who asked that the apples and pears and bananas and oranges were from Supernatural fans. Not that Dean and Sam would eat fruit or anything after BEDTIME STORIES and SCARECROW but we figured you guys had probably had it with the "coffee and donuts" approach and we didn't think beer would be appropriate.

We're pulling for you.

~ Kelley

Bardicvoice said...

I've dropped in on your blog from time to time before, Sera, but never commented. I'm yet another of the many Supernatural fans loving your work, loving the show, wanting the best for it, and supporting the writers. Writers are the first creators. Without writers, there are no emotions for actors to feel or lines for them to speak, no sets for carpenters to build and electricians to light, no action for directors to block and call, and no stories for all of us to watch, obsess over, and take into our own lives. Writers must be given the credit they deserve, and that includes fair pay derived from the success of their work in speaking to all of us through all media.

We Supernatural fans will still be here to welcome you and the show back when the fight has been won. We have faith, and we'll continue to have it even if the miracles of quick resolution don't happen.


psychoactive toad said...

I have a tremendous amount of respect for writers in general and your work on Supernatural in particular. You all deserve recognition and compensation; what you do is of critical importance to a show. I hate that it's come to a strike, but I support it, and hope that it will be resolved soon in your favor.


Meagan Ingerson said...

Hey, just wanted to pop in and say I support the writers, too. And amazing job on last night's episode of "Supernatural" - it was my favorite since the end of last season.

susannah eanes said...

oh sera - just wanted to say:

you totally hit it out of the park last nite. i mean, SHOW. Fresh Blood = Best Episode YET.

i hope you don't mind another comment of supernatural love. you do know you are loved by all, yes? we are pulling for you, so damned hard.

you've probably seen this. we mean it.

you totally rock. this sentiment was expressed by so many of us last nite & today. want proof? go to lj, look at my flist. i know, you can't really do that. but if you could, you'd see *so much love.*

and hey! someone is now making sera gamble icons. i got one. it's very, very pretty.


we heart you. if i weren't in carolina, i'd be there at the picket line, rubbing your poor sore feet or something. i'd send chocolate, wine, bubble bath. ok, that sounds wierd and stalkerish. sorry.

i probably should have stopped at "thank you, we support you, we're rooting for the writers no matter what. and hey, love your work."

that is all.

Bev said...

Hi Sera

Hope you don't mind me using this method to get in touch with you...

I'm the new SPN fan liaison with Fans for the WGA.

For as vocal a fandom as we CAN be, I have seen very little about SPN fans undertaking anything like an organized effort on behalf of the writers, and I think it's time we made a little noise.

I'd love to talk to you about something we can do to galvanize the fans to action, and bring the writing team on board.



Baphomet said...

Hey Sera. I am one of the many Supernatural fans; I came here mainly to see what the deal about this strike was. I have noticed there being no new Supernatural shows on recently, I wanted to find out why. My sister claimed it was due to something she called "the winter hiatus". I wanted to check it out for sure, so I found out about the strike from a Supernatural wiki on the web. Eventually I got directed to your blog. I found out through research you writers are earning very little in comparison to these cooperate thieves. I always have looked up to writers because they are able to put some pretty awesome work together. Its amazing how much symbolism and thought is put into just one episode of Supernatural... I just came here to say: you guys have my support. I can't believe they can't give you a mere 2% raise on DVD sales. Thats just plain stupid. I hope this strike works in your guy's favor and I'd hope to see Supernatural back on TV soon.