Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi, Guys!

I know, Simon and I don't call home enough. You have every right to feel like my neglected Jewish mother.

It's not that we don't write any more. We write all the time. Just, usually stuff we already cashed the check for that's, like, due. Sorry, Hotties. Food, shelter and premium cable don't pay for themselves. Sadly for the Collective We, our foignant ruminations on all that is tangentially Jewy tends to get scrawled on a post-it for "when we have time to blog." Which, apparently? Not so often, these days. Though who knows what the future holds. Perhaps... posts! Weirder shit has happened! But, um... probably not this month. Just being honest.

Anyhoodle. I did want to pop in to let you know that if you miss me, or if you're bored of the inferior gothic erotica you've managed to scrounge up without my guidance, or-- best possible combo-- both: I have a story in the just-published Susie Bright anthology Bitten.

You can buy it here.

Hope your Jewiness is going swimingly! We think of you often. Especially when we're drunk.

xoxo till we blog again,