Monday, March 19, 2007


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Not to stress you out, but the time is now to make your rezzie for our second-seder extravaganza on Tuesday, April 3.

This is your big chance to actually have fun at a seder. Eat gourmet food (it's gonna be spectacular, and worth the cash), drink wine until you see animated Chagall images unfurling on the walls, experience the deeply entertaining stylings of those pictured on the flyer (most of whom can be found on MySpace, so you can make new friends before you even arrive), and soak up our ridiculous hotness.

If you are in any way shape or form living in, visiting or within a day's drive of Los Angeles, you really should make the pilgrimage. We believe this event is part of a fascinating, wonderful, humanistic, open-minded, philosophically bright, funny, sexy and soulful transformation of Jewishness. It's the next chapter.

We ache to see you there.

P.S. You can see a brand-new video from event participants and acclaimed self-help authors Ronna and Bev here. Words fail us.

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