Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feast With The Very Hot Jews!

The Very Hot Jews are so stunningly, disturbingly hot that in our short life sexing up the blogsphere with all the zest and panache of an everything bagel, we've attracted worshippers like a porchlight draws moths. Perhaps you are even now salivating at the very thought of our extreme hotness.

But did you know that your doe-eyed admiration of us pales in comparison to the way we ourselves feel about certain Jews of Blinding Desirability? We swoon for Jill Soloway, who wrote the fuck out of the best TV show ever and, in her off hours, penned a book so funny it made Sera snort latte through her nose. We write RebootLA's name in hearts all over our Trapper Keeper. Do you know about Reboot? They're an organization dedicated to open dialogue about What Is Now with us young Jew types. They're exploring and redefining Jewishness in a way that makes us want to salute them with lighters, stadium concert-style.

Imagine our delight when the above Scintillating Hebrews invited us to co-sponsor the grooviest second-night seder ever. The thing is gonna be hip from hand-washing to Elijah, thanks to the orgasmic food stylings of The Ghetto Gourmet. Yes, we're serving food the whole way through; no waiting an hour with only matzo and bitter herbs to tide you over. Visual and auditory entertainment will abound — there's talk of dance and music and yes, wine cups overflowing. Among the other groovy participants: genius writer Julie Hermelin and visionary spiritual diva Amichai Lau-Lavie. Un seder muy caliente. 'Nuff said.

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What will the Very Hot Jews be doing, you ask? Duh, talking! We intend to deliver opinion, commentary and, yes, a joke or two about He Whose Brain They Saved, all for your entertainment. You will laugh, you will eat, you will enjoy your most memorable seder since you were twelve and Uncly Morty got drunk on that fourth cup and started screaming that Aunt Miriam's a whore.

Nu? Go get your tickets, bubbeleh!


whig said...

Have you gefiltefish?

Simon Glickman and Sera Gamble said...

Not sure of the menu yet. But whatever we're serving, it's gonna be AWESOME. The Ghetto Gourmet doesn't fuck around.