Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tonight's Rock & Roll Seder: $10 Afterparty Tickets!

Want to check out the postmodern Jewy fabulousness of tonight's "In Haggadah Da Vida" second-night seder happening at L.A.'s Echo but can't afford the $75 ticket? Good news, my friend:

We'll be admitting folks for an after-dinner schmooze starting at 9:30 pm. The cover will be $10, and depending on when you arrive you can hear some raucous live music and/or the ultra-funky DJ stylings of Paul V. — and meet a bunch of superhot, brilliant, friendly and, by this point in the evening, probably very tipsy Hebrews.

The ten bucks will get you in the door. The bar will be fully operational. If you "know someone" (wink, wink) you might get a little Pesach wine hookup, Elijah-style.

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