Friday, March 07, 2008

Open Your Hymnbooks, Please.

L.A. people: Sera has rhapsodized at length about The Classic Rock Singalong, and we want to remind you that there will be another one on Sat., March 8 (that's tomorrow, as I write this) at the same place (M Bar in Hollywood). It'll start around 10, and we hope to see you there.

Doesn't it seem like your friends are always talking about these shindigs in cavernous lofts and warehouses that have huge guest lists and DJs playing music so hip you can't possibly dance to it and are rumored to be crawling with hot, hot celebrities who kiss each other on the cheek and spend the rest of the night texting their friends at other parties?

This is not one of those.

The CRS is a comparatively intimate gathering in a friendly club with a reasonable amount of seating for your tired tushy. It is entirely about turning off your CrackBerry and being heard rather than being seen. And aren't you ready for that?

There will be a great deal of full-throated wailing as the band guides the audience through a parti-colored wonderland of pop hits. There will be love in the air. There will be imbibing of spirits. There will be spontaneous gyration. Perhaps someone will remove her/his top. You never know.

Lyrics will be provided. Don't pretend the next song is too cheesy for you. Just lose yourself in it. You'll thank us later.


Not Your Typical Mama said...

I would ADORE, ADORE an opportunity to be there! But you're way over there...and I'm way over here...*sigh* Someday!

Doreen Orion said...

Katie Schwartz sent me over. Love your blog! Damn! I was just in LA last week.

susannah eanes said...

where the heck have i been? this idea is made of 9 kinds of WIN.

*happy applause*

and i was there in spirit, honest to god.

Simon Glickman and Sera Gamble said...

Susannah (and anyone else): Join us for the next one: Sat., May 3, same bat-time, same bat-cave.