Friday, December 26, 2008

No, seriously, I’ve never been busier.
(a year-end howdy from the female half of us)

I know I’ve said it before but this time I mean it. October hit and I suddenly had drafts due for three different projects at the same time. (Including a movie, which I found out is supposed to be kind of long.) If I'm bragging, it's mostly about how stupid my scheduling was.

When have I ever written this much? Funny you should ask. The last time I was this prolific was longhand in my diary, the month my boyfriend cheated on me, summer after the 11th grade. I had a lot of angry poetry to get out of my system. This is different, though. Because, you know, paycheck. And spellcheck. And nothing rhymes, praise be to Allah. And I am to being single as naughty little shoplifting fat kids are to candy stores with sleepy cashiers: relishing the timing and smirking at my luck.

But I totally way frickin' digress. Hi. It's me, Sera. I didn’t want to let 2008 go without at least saying sayonara to my UberHot Brethren. Sistren. Whatevren.

Also, I wanted to warn you about that movie The Reader. I’ve been living in a spiderhole, so I had no idea what it was about, and I wish to God someone had told me before I settled in with a pal and a plate of sushi to watch a screener DVD.

SPOILER ALERT! After an act that’s AWESOME, ‘cause it’s all about a chick in her thirties fucking an uncomfortably hot ostensibly fifteen-ish year old boy, Kate Winslet turns out to be a FULL ON NAZI. It squicked me to the max, so, public service: SS officer. I had to wash my whole self, twice. Ew. Yeah, I know, that's a problem but I apparently have no problem whatsoever with women fucking boys half their age. In my defense, I’ve been told by more than one man to whom this happened that a) it rocked and b) it was like sex college. (Also, um... Kate's not much older than me. So let's not be too hasty with the whole "old" nomenclature.) Okay, enough of that. The movie was good. Kate Winslet is a genius. Who else would make you feel sorta kinda ambivalent (or at least less than outright murderous) about a NAZI PRISON GUARD who let two hundred people burn to death in a locked barn? Give the woman a fucking Oscar already, for the love of all that's decent. Onward.

Alrighty then: 2008, ending. On a note of exhaustion. I told you at the beginning of the year we were gonna be Dancing It Out. Remember that? All that time ago? Not to get all... Shania Twain, is it? No, LeAnne Womack, sorry... on you, but I Hope You Danced, too. Did you? If so, wasn't it great? Told you.

As for the Theme For 2009… I dunno yet. Got any suggestions? I've been tossing around a few ideas. Tempting to wrap some form of Obama reference in, but look, it's my belief that you and I, the Spicy Hot and Jewy (or Not) shouldn't depend on a politician for hope, inspiration, and general joie de vivre in the new year. No, we should depend on Singing At The Top Of Our Lungs Like The Whole Damn World Is Our Shower. Or, Bringing Back The Mixtape. Year Of The Roadtrip -- even if we only get from Santa Monica to Van Nuys? Year Of The Dog, where we all start acting more like Mojo, since he clearly has it all figured out and may well be our greatest teacher? Year Of Talking Less? (Doubtful.) Hmmm. I’ll ruminate, you ruminate, let’s meet back here to make it official.


Alana said...

Hey S,

I guess you didn't read the book. The book was beautiful, powerful. I'll see the film on DVD. Yay Netflix!

When you say you're writing a movie are you referring to an SN film? Kiddo, a.k.a. Honorary Jew wants to know, who, by the way, announced to his Baptist uncle over the weekend that his friend Sera made him honorary Jewish.

Priceless family moment. My brother has never appeared more uncomfortable in his life.

Listen, I hope you're still working on a novel. :-)

Hopelessly Devoted to You,

Sera said...

Alana-- Your uncomfy holiday moment sounds bloggable. The movie is an adaptation of a set of OED manga comics called "Miki Falls." You can find them on Amazon. The film is going to be live action, not manga (I know that would be Kiddo's next question!!).

Happy New Year!

Alana said...

Sera, I just wish you the best of luck in everything. Your talent = fucking deserving. XXOO

Elathan's Muse said...

Definitely started the New Year off right and sang at the top of my lungs, much to my Hippie cousin's chagrin, as we took a road trip to NYC for a surprise visit with John Ford and Ian Lloyd (her music friends).

Danced, not so much, although I wanted to. The knees aren't working as they should and scream in protest at any sudden movement. Chair dancing has become my forte.

Writing, writing and more writing, I know the feeling. I have a three part radio theatre script to get cracking on and a short involving teen angst, saving someone from depression and teen alcoholism and, to top it off, time travel, compressed into 35 pages (that's the max # of pages they gave me, pffft!). After-school special meets Doctor Who I guess. "It's been done." I said, "Yes, but not the time travel part!" *grumble*

I've also been inundated by family members to write a book about the search for my younger biological sister (who ended up finding ME just before the holidays, YAY!). I told my Hippie cousin to write it since she's already published and I'd take on the task of writing the screenplay (okay, seriously, I was just trying to shove some work on to her since she started the whole thing!) She's not in the middle of buying a house like I am. What a nightmare.

This year's theme, Take No Prisoners! For me anyway. My New Year's resolution was to not let any 2009 disappointments send me into the same downward spiral as the 2008 ones did. More chair dancing and more singing are in order!

Wishing you much love, happiness and many excellent cups of coffee for 2009!