Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cherubim and Sera-phim: The Marvels of Comic-Con
by Simon

Where have we been, these Jews you love? What have we been up to?

Well, double duty, baby. Sera's been busy cooking up some mind-blowing shit that will be rocking your screen soon enough. Sime's been turning out all manner of commercial ephemera and prepping The Classic Rock Singalong (which goes down this Sat. night, 8/16, @ M Bar in Hollywood; please join us, Angelenos). And they've been dreaming up some other stuff too, which is all, like, ultra-classified.

But the purpose of this – our first post since, what, the Harding administration? – is to share my delight and pride at seeing Sera's panel and other public appearances at Comic-Con.

See, I've always known Sera was a superstar, and Jules and I met her back when she was a mere poppet, working in a not-very-satisfying job and writing genius works in secret. So to see the world embrace her fantabulosity makes me about bust a button.

And boy, was there some embracing at Comic-Con. Julia, Jo, Jim, Mollie and I dutifully filed into a gargantuan auditorium to watch her on the Supernatural panel (moderated by Entertainment Weekly's Alynda Wheat and also featuring series creator Eric Kripke, writer-producer Ben Edlund and a couple of actors whose names escape me); and yeah, OK, a lot of the chiquitas in that capacity crowd were screaming for the boy stars in a way that recalled Beatlemania or Hitchcock's The Birds, but the true aficionados were also palpitatin' for our girl.

Afterward, folks started lining up for autographs ... so many, in fact, that Comic-Con closed the line. And the seemingly endless throngs who trudged cheek-by-jowl through the convention center (including us) had to content themselves with viewing the signing ceremony on the Jumbotron.

Those of you who were part of that great wave of genre-loving humanity know what I'm talking about. If you weren't, imagine, thousands of fans crammed together so tightly that they make a giant hall look like a really small space, most of them dressed as Princess Leia (in near-naked Jabba-slave mode) or Spiderman or the octopus lady in The Little Mermaid.

Her Majesty's loyal subjects.

And seriously, peeps, one of the best things about Comic-Con is that the true fans of these shows and films don't just know the stars. They know the names of the people who toil away on their laptops, fueled only by specially fitted latte-dispensing helmets and muffins that have been crumbled into mouth-ready bites by a team of nubile interns, conjuring the fantastical scenarios of ghouls and vampires and ninjas and superhero vixens we depend on to make life remotely palatable.

And even in that constellation of scribes, our Sera shines brightest. If you ask me.


SuinaBird said...

How fun for Sera to get in front of her adoring fan-bois!.. I love how supportive ya'll are to each other; it's a nice little mutual admiration society of well spoken love when I read your blog... makes me all warm an' fuzzy.
But, now I'm sad that I missed the sing along .. I swear, I live under a rock, sometimes.

Lee said...

Of course the true aficionados came out for Sera! I mean, really, Jensen who?

Speaking as one of Sera's fans, I cheer when her name comes up as the writer of an episode. I know I'm in for a great time. (That came out sounding dirty, didn't it?)

Ymina said...

I would agree! I was there this year. (I gave up going to PAX and Blizzcon to go to Comic Con.) Watching Sera, Ben, Eric, and those two smokin' hot goyim actors it was the best fun I've had at any convention. (Ok, I guess I'm fibbing just alittle bit, Chicago Con was a BLAST! Thats just because I love the two goyim actors from that great show that Sera writes for. ;-) ) Anyways Sera, thank you for making the con so much fun!


P.S. Lee, I also cheer for our Yentaleh! Now if only we could have true Jewish episode where the sexy goyim hunters dress as "Chassidic diamond merchants" and sing Fiddler on the Roof! (Ok Sera if you see this, its the Mogen Dovid Blackberry wine speaking....)