Monday, June 09, 2008

Laura Kightlinger: Half-Jew, More Than Half-Hot

We get it, America: There's too much ranting in the blogosphere. And we think you'll agree that our Semitic scribblings tend, by and large, to be more kvell-y than kvetchy.

But as we're more than tangentially connected to the world of TV, we do feel qualified to air a loud complaint against the cancellation of a truly funny, original show: The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman.

This punishingly funny half-hour series on the IFC sprang from the brilliant, sick mind of Laura Kightlinger, who gained national attention as a cast member on Will and Grace and Lucky Louie and whose deadpan standup routines have delighted us for years (and whose smoldering hotness has long haunted Sime's dreams). She claims to be half-Jewish, which is reason enough to put her on the ol' Heeblog.

On the show, she plays a spectacularly self-involved aspiring screenwriter who makes a staggering series of bad decisions, frequently in collaboration with her best friend, the equally narcissistic Tara (Nicholle Tom). Rather than rabbit on about it all day, we'll just offer you a couple of tasty tidbits:

See what we're sayin'? That's some funny shit (and that's the great Mary Kay Place as Jackie's mom). The show's improv-friendly vibe and anything-goes approach to subject matter have also prompted fantastic work from such folks as Ray Wise (as a right-wing radio commentator) and Sally Kellerman (as herself - and please, call her Sally Kellerman), not to mention inspired cast regulars like Azura Skye, Patrick Bristow and Jeremy Kramer.

It couldn't hurt to contact the people at IFC and urge them to revive this fantastic show: And no matter how that noise plays out, you'll want to grab the DVD toot sweet.

In the meantime, though, you can check out Laura's bizarre and hysterically funny faux-reality "Cat Demon" shorts (featuring stellar work from Laura herself and her fellow national treasure David Koechner) on You can also periodically catch her at the amazing Uncabaret.


The Minstrel Boy said...

thanks for the videos and the links. voting is accomplished. she's funny. it's rare that inside looks in entertainment come off all that well. it seems we get sanitized dick van dyke stories or the self absorbtion and preoccupation required to do the job come off making one look like a jerk, a not very funny jerk at that.

brazilian girls said...

Not only do I not have a TV, I subsequently don't have cable....(I watch everything that satisfies me online, in legal and non manners.)

So, I missed this one from ze funny funny Laura; I've caught a few of her hilarities on funnyordie though and she is stupendous.

Thanks for the links, I'll go watch more and if I likesee, I will def.l complain about la cancellation. Bummer, seems right up the IFC's alley...