Friday, May 02, 2008

I Just Blogged To Say I Love You.

Dear Hotness That Is Vous,

Hey. It's Sera. I know, I know. It's been way, way too long, hasn't it?

I went halvsies on this here blog o' hotfulness with Simon Of The East, and here I sit in Santa Monica, having blogged not a whit in so long you've probably taken us off your bookmark list in betrayal and despair.

It's like this, folks. There was a strike; and then I went back to work and it was, let us say, very slightly busy; and then I was done and I got to go on hiatus, but it was this tiny hiatus compared to the hiati to which we who write for your couch-bound entertainment are generally accustomed. Just under a month, which is nothing to sneeze at, I know - I have friends with their own businesses who haven't taken time off in three years, and I have friends with kids who haven't had a day to themselves since the friggin' nineties. But still, it was only just long enough for me to take care of business.

What business? I'd love to share, because what's a blog for if not to digitally toot one's own metaphorical horn, but I can't. I'm uber-Jewlicious in my level of superstition, and all the shit I've been rocking is mid-rock. There was a point last week - Tuesday going into Wednesday, to be precise - where I got so in the zone I worked all night and straight through the next day. Don't feel bad for me, it was bliss, to just dive in the creative deep end because I want to rather than because I'll get fired/production will shut down/my professor will give me an F.

Sometime in the next few months, I'll either post about what/whom I was working on because things bloomed in fantastical fashion, or I'll have fallen on my face and have a hilarious cautionary tale with which to entertain you.

The one little thang I can tell you 'bout is that I got invited to contribute to a lush and deviant collection of gothic erotica curated by Susie Bright. It'll be out in time for Hannukah, I do believe. Because I apparently don't get enough of it at work, I wrote about a demon. I think I was a disgruntled nun in a past life.

So, yeah, I'm a slacker and I suck and maybe I remind you of your deadbeat dad who always said he'd call but almost never did. But, like your dad, beneath my charming, possibly drunk exterior, I really do love you and have the best of intentions.



endorwitch said...

Sera is gonna write (has written????) demon porn? Thats naughty!
Great to see you back Ms Sera!

I wish you and Simon would both post more.....but then I rarely update my own blog so I shouldnt complain about you guys.

The Minstrel Boy said...

congrats on the nod from susie! she's a hoot and a half, and the one that tipped me off to the very hot jews.

most of my hollywood friends have been in full on drudge mode (although artistic drudgery can be fulfilling) since the lifting of the strike.

me? i've decided to stay a slacker. one of the things the strike showed me was how tired i am of that arena. i've done my time and the torch and sword should be passed to a newer, more vigorous generation. besides, i enjoy making chocolate truffles far more than toiling in the studio. art without passion is too close to prostitution for me.

good to hear from you. looking forward to the full story.

Alana said...

Hi Sera,

Don't feel sorry for you at all. The zone is like pheremones, like adrenaline, like an answer to your prayers, a birthday wish come true, all bliss and shit.

I covet.

Listen, congratulations on the goth erotica invite from Ms. Susie Bight. Lush Goddess of Sex Pos Perversion. Can't wait to read your story within the collection. Whatever happened to the Injured Party, btw?

Kiddo says hi. He loved, Loved, LOVED "Ghostfacers" and just got his first guitar and is practising hard and intends to serenade you one day.

Stay hot.


ATP said...

As much as I miss you here, seeing what you bring to your dayjob (tonight's episode was awesome--you clearly had your smartass--as well as your full-tilt gore--on!) is seriously worth it!

I can't wait to read the demon erotica, as well as to find out more about this mystery project (as long as it doesn't take you away from aforesaid dayjob, for then, I would cry).


susannah eanes said...

Fine. FIEN. We missed you, too, but we knew you were busy. It's wonderful you are in the creative zone, and I wish I'd seen this when you posted it, because it's two weeks later and I am exhaustified - mentally and emotionally - over the SPN Season Finale.

That's actually putting it mildly. FANDOM IS GOING WTF, KRIPKE HOW COULD YOU.

SO glad you did not write that thing. But when you do go back to work, GET DEAN DOWN FROM THE MEATHOOKS PLZKTHX.

He totally did NOT deserve that. And Neither Did Sam.

But we ARE totally ready for some awesome Sera-penned episodes in Season 4. With demon porn would be great... at this point, even demon!Bela porn would kind of rock. And I was driving the bus of Bela-haters before 3.15.... you and Lauren Cohan totally made up for that, though, so kudos to you both for that. Thank you.

Still. It's gonna be a cruel, cruel Summer. But do check in when you can, it's lovely to see you.

Rachael said...

Yay!!! Sera posted something!! *does a happy dance of joy* Thank you. I think it's safe to say, we love you too.

I would never take you off my Blogroll, for you give me wonderful things more addictive than crack to enjoy, here and on tv. Plus, you and Simon are two Very Hot Jews. And we Very Hot Jews must stick together. LOL!

So glad that the season ended in such a way as to leave us all breathless and screaming for more. I look forward to the situation being fixed somehow when things resume in a few months. ;D I just know you and the rest of the Supernatural writing team are up to the challenge season four will present. And I look forward to reading your goth smut too when it's published.

MT said...

"Bright"? Is that a Jewish name? You sure it's not "Breit"? I knew a Suzie Breitman. You should see the trick she can do with a knish.